Solar Panels – A Surprisingly Easy Way to Increase Your Home Value

What if you could increase your home value without spending a dime while saving money and the environment?

It’s a win-win- win that anyone can achieve simply by becoming part of the solar revolution. When you install a solar energy system on your rooftop you’ll be joining the 700,000+ homeowners in the United States who have traded dirty utility power for clean solar energy.

Going solar slashes your power bill (almost 70% for a typical home in California) and recent studies by the Department of Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab have shown that homes with solar energy systems also sell for more than similar homes that aren’t powered by solar.

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab analyzed over 22,000 homes recently sold in California. The homes included in the study were a cross section of styles, ages, locations, and sizes, some powered by solar and some powered by traditional utilities. When researchers compared the sale prices of homes powered by solar and those powered traditionally, they discovered that homes with solar energy systems consistently sold for a higher price than homes without a solar energy system. This value increase remained consistent even with variables like neighborhood, size, type, age of home, etc.

The increase in home value was found to be closely related to the value of the solar system installed — a homeowner who installed a solar system worth $20,000 would see an immediate increase of more than $ 20,000 in their home value. This means that you can purchase a solar energy system with a guarantee that you will more than recoup the value of the system even if you were to move in a few years. And while you’re living in the home, you’ll benefit from reduced electricity bills.

But what if you move? If you have a solar lease or a solar power purchase agreement, it can be easily transferred to the new homeowner. In this case, the solar system won’t typically increase the value of the home since the leasing company owns the solar energy system but the new homeowner still benefits from lower electricity bills. With a solar loan or an outright purchase, the homeowner will receive the increase in value that comes from selling a home with a solar system.

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