PowerScout – The Smarter Way to Go Solar

Struggling with high power bills or frustrated with your utility that keeps increasing rates? You might have heard that with solar power, you could cut your power bill by up to 70% and lock in your rates for 20 years. Confused about solar technology? Wondering how to find the best deal? Worried about the quality of the installer?

With PowerScout, you can now switch to solar power with complete peace of mind. We connect you with multiple high quality local solar installers who will compete for your business. When installers compete, you get a great deal.

Our team has collectively overseen the installation of 1.5 GW of solar capacity – enough to power 250,000 homes. We’ve taken insights from our years of solar experience and created PowerScout, an online marketplace that makes going solar ridiculously easy.

Great Deal from Comparing Multiple Quotes

We make it easy to get quotes from multiple installers without having to reach them individually. Based on your solar project requirements, we match you with up to 4 local installers that are ideal for the project. When multiple installers compete, you win! Prices at PowerScout are up to 20% lower than quoted by national solar companies.

Only High-Quality Installers

At PowerScout, we only partner with the best local installers in your area. Our network of local, bonded, and insured installers have cumulatively installed solar systems in 25,000+ homes. You will only see quotes from professional installers that meet our 30-point quality checklist. You can be confident your installation will be handled professionally and exceed your expectations for great service.

Multiple $0 Down Financing Options

By shopping for solar at PowerScout, you get access to multiple solar financing options that require zero upfront investment. Choose from options such as loans, leases, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and property tax financing (PACE).

FREE Instant Solar Assessment

We use property data, satellite imagery, and remote design technology to instantly assess if your home is suitable for solar without ever setting foot in your house saving you time and money! With our FREE online solar calculator, you will get an estimate of how many solar panels you need and the potential savings from going solar.

Ready to get more information? Click here to get multiple solar quotes for your home.

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