PowerScout Joins NVIDIA Inception Program to Accelerate its AI-driven Marketing Platform

OAKLAND, CA – June 27, 2017

PowerScout today announced its formal acceptance into the NVIDIA Inception Program, a business accelerator program offered to exceptional startups revolutionizing industries with advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and data science.  

Through this new association, PowerScout will enhance its AI-driven digital marketing platform with powerful GPU tools, tech, and deep learning expertise offered by NVIDIA, which is powering the AI transformation across industries.

PowerScout uses Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), a deep learning framework, to analyze satellite imagery and recognize homes that have already adopted solar panels. With this information, PowerScout can identify other homes that are best suited for solar. In addition, through image recognition, PowerScout can recognize the presence of heavy vegetation that can make properties unsuitable for solar.

Current industry practices revolve around solar salespeople knocking on doors blindly and performing an assessment if a roof is suitable for solar power and then selling the consumer on it. This leads to excessive sales and marketing costs. Using NVIDIA’s GPU computing and deep learning platform, PowerScout can analyze millions of properties at scale and precision target only the right homes through its programmatic marketing platform.

“Solar energy is sold the way vacuum cleaners were sold in the 1960s: door-to-door with very little sophistication in the consumer experience,” said Kumar Dhuvur, co-founder and head of Product at PowerScout. “Our participation in NVIDIA’s Inception Program will enable PowerScout to scale its AI-enabled marketing platform and connect even more consumers with the best local solar installers. We’re completely changing the way solar is bought.”

About PowerScout

PowerScout is a data-driven marketplace for smart home improvement.  Efficiency-focused upgrades, such as solar power, electric storage, electric vehicle charging, energy-efficient heating, cooling and windows and water-efficient appliances represent the fastest growing segment within the $315B U.S. home improvement market. PowerScout leverages artificial intelligence and 100 billion data points to model savings, home value and carbon footprint impact on the entire U.S. residential housing stock. PowerScout aims to make consumer decisions around sustainable smart home improvement as easy as Credit Karma made finding the perfect credit card. PowerScout enables customers to purchase with confidence by providing competitive bids from a curated list of best-in-class technology, installation and financing service providers. Visit us at https://powerscout.com.