PowerScout Announces Partnership with Arcadia Power to Bring Clean Energy to Everyone

Do you rent your home or apartment, but still want to get in on the clean energy revolution? PowerScout is excited to announce a new clean energy product in partnership with Arcadia Power that will allow renters to offset their electric consumption with clean wind energy. Available in all 50 states and most utility territories, customers can sign up on Arcadia Power’s website and offset 50% of their current electric usage with clean wind energy for FREE. Customers will pay exactly the same amount that they were paying with their old utility, and Arcadia will match 50% of their usage with clean wind.

How does this work? Arcadia partners with wind farms that produce electricity all around the country and match your usage with the power that they produce. The wind farm benefits by having customers for their power, and you benefit by getting green renewable energy to power your home for no extra charge. There’s nothing to install, and you’re free to cancel at any time.

Want to offset all of your electric usage? For just a small premium, you can get 100% of your electricity offset by clean wind power for just 1.5 cents per kwh (typically $5-$15 dollars extra per month).

As a special way of celebrating our new partnership, if you sign up here, you will receive $20 off your first month of power for either of the free plan or the 100% wind power plan.

So please help encourage the use of wind power through Arcadia Power and PowerScout – you get $20 off your electric bill and you can offset 50% of your electric usage with clean wind for free. Cancel at any time. Sign up today!

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