Never Suffer from Electric Bill Shock Again

Instead – suffer from solar shock. What’s that, you ask? Solar shock is the opposite of bill shock – it’s when you are surprised by just how much money you saved.

Sure, there’s the usual energy saving tips: opening windows in the summer, letting in sunshine in the winter through keeping those curtains open, switching to LED lights. Of course, those work – however going solar will eliminate the need to ever stress out over a big electric bill again!

Here’s more information:

Eliminate Your Bill

Solar energy is a modular technology, which means you can install as many (or as few) panels as you like – whenever you like. Each kilowatt of installed solar capacity brings you bigger electricity bill savings.  With a large enough installation, it’s completely possible to cover all your energy needs. Thanks to solar energy, more than 1 million American households already make much lower payments for their solar panels than they were paying to their utility before for electricity. Over the lifetime of the solar power system, homeowners can save up-to 70% of their electricity costs by switching to solar. So, how’s that for bill shock?

Lock in rates for up to 20 Years

Many local utilities are increasing electricity rates by anywhere from 2% to 6% per year. If you switch to solar power and finance the solar power system through a $0 down loan or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you will be able to lock in your payments (or rates in the case of a PPA) for up to 20 years. So by switching to solar power, not only can you save big on today’s electricity bills, but also you can increase your savings over time as the utility keeps increasing electricity rates.

It Gets Better! Bring in Income!

Yep, you can both eliminate your bill and get paid – Depending on where you live.

Many states, such as New Jersey and Massachusetts, offer large renewable energy incentives designed to encourage solar adoption. If you qualify, your local utility company actually pays you for the clean energy that your panels produce – either with direct cash or through credits.

At that point, your electricity bill isn’t simply $0 – it’s actually in the negative.

We’ve already touched on a few economic reasons to go solar:

Eliminate your bill, and end bill shock.
Lock-in Rates for up to 20 years.
Generate income!

However, there’s also some environmental and social benefits to consider.

As more homes and businesses across the country switch to solar panels, our nation moves farther away from fossil fuels. The benefits of this transition are huge:

Better health due to cleaner air, water, and soil
Stronger economic growth through the creation of green jobs
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Solar just doesn’t benefit you as a homeowner, but it actually benefits the environment and promotes local jobs. Interested in solar power. Try PowerScout’s FREE Solar Calculator that provides an INSTANT estimate of how much you can save by switching to solar power.