BlueWave Solar Announces Partnership with PowerScout

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Partnership with PowerScout, a smart home technology company based in Oakland, California provides BlueWave’s solar installer partners with online access to a powerful solar savings calculator to help homeowners go solar.

BOSTON, MA – May 2, 2017

BlueWave Solar (“BlueWave”) of Boston, MA announced today its partnership with PowerScout, Inc. of Oakland, CA to provide BlueWave’s solar installer partners with PowerScout’s solar calculator to help homeowners evaluate the solar potential of their roofs and estimate the potential savings of installing a solar PV system.

PowerScout is a smart home technology company that was awarded two grants from the United States Department of Energy SunShot Program to build an advanced data analytics platform aimed at helping consumers understand the benefit of solar energy adoption. Using just an address, PowerScout’s tools allow customers to get detailed smart home recommendations tailored to their specific home, energy consumption, and roof profile. PowerScout’s software helps customers easily and intuitively understand the financial, environmental, and home value benefits associated with solar and other smart home technologies.

The PowerScout solar application for customers and installers sits on top of PowerScout’s big-data architecture and provides a well-designed user interface (UI) and simple user experience (UX) that allows homeowners interested in rooftop solar to determine solar potential down to the individual planes of their rooftop. It also includes several dynamic features that make estimates of solar savings more accurate than any previously available. The solar calculator is available via a link on BlueWave’s website at

Eric Graber-Lopez, BlueWave’s President, commented that, “The integration of PowerScout’s calculator into BlueWave’s Home Solar Loan Portal supports our mission to cover Massachusetts rooftops in solar by providing answers to questions consumers have – does solar work for my home and how much will it save me? This integration supports our installers in making this first step seamless and enjoyable for all consumers. Attila and his team have built a fantastic product. We are excited to use it to complement our thriving solar loan platform here in Massachusetts, and look forward to rolling it out soon to other states we serve.”

The solar calculator went live with installers on March 28, 2017. Plans to showcase the solar calculator directly to consumers are in development

“We are excited to be partnering with BlueWave Solar, an industry leader in helping consumers get best-in-market financing on solar projects through their innovative loan platform, remarked Attila Toth, PowerScout’s Founder and CEO. He added, “We believe that PowerScout’s software adds another dimension of value for customers visiting BlueWave’s Home Solar Loan Portal.  This partnership furthers the commitment of both BlueWave and PowerScout to transparency in the solar buying process and ensuring customers have a great experience.”


About BlueWave Solar

BlueWave Solar (“BlueWave”) is a solar energy company founded on a mission to make solar available to everyone, everywhere.  Driven to transform the energy status quo, BlueWave enables communities to take control of their energy production and consumers to choose local, low-cost power through our suite of consumer solar products, including the BlueWave Community Solar Share and the BlueWave Home Solar Loan.  That’s our vision for a cleaner planet.  And it’s our energy solution for the “100%.”

BlueWave is a Certified B Corporation and was recently named to the Boston Business Journal’s 2017 Fast 50 list, recognizing the company as one of the 50 fastest growing businesses in Massachusetts.

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About PowerScout, Inc.

PowerScout is an AI enabled marketplace for smart home improvement projects. At, homeowners can learn more about smart improvements they can make to their home, such as rooftop solar and home battery systems, and get competing quotes from a curated list of high-quality home improvement contractors.

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