5 Best Tutorials for Building Off-the-Grid Solar Power Systems

Off-the-grid living has been a very popular concept in recent years, and who could argue? With looming threats over our national power grid and a growing desire for energy independence, there’s more talk of personal solar power grids than ever before.

Launching yourself forward into crafting your own solar power grid takes time, and a lot of supplies, but the payoff can be enormous: Off-the-grid power and knowledge that will last a lifetime. Here are five of the best tutorials we’ve found from across the web that actually work, and provide you with peace of mind when the project is finished.

5. Instructables DIY Off Grid Solar System

The good folks over at Instructables did a fantastic job outlining the core process, while also applying some real-world scenarios and mathematics. They break it down pretty well: your hours, wattage, panel selection, battery selection, and a bunch more. After finding hundreds of these across the internet, Instructables was one of the best. This is a long, in-depth guide with specific instructions and useful photographs.

4. Off-Grid’s Blog – How to Solar Power Your Home

Most of this tutorial is video-based. For a 25-minute ride on the ultimate solar panel off-the-grid tutorial, it’s a must. Not only does this one get in-depth, but the gentleman in this video shows you his personal interior home battery system, and goes through a whiteboard demonstration to showcase every aspect of separating yourself from the grid. This guide is a fairly quick guide.

3. Do The Math – My Modest Solar Setup

This one takes you a little bit through a personal journey for energy independence, and shows you the pitfalls you may run into while setting up your own system. It has more of a human element to it, and is a little less textbook. If you’re looking for a thorough tutorial that connects you to what you’re doing, this is the ticket. This is a medium-length tutorial with plenty of bullet points, helpful photographs, and useful comments from users who’ve tried this method.

2. Alt Energy Mag – The DIY Guide to Off Grid Solar Electricity

This guide really rocks: it shows you, in-depth, everything you need to know about how your system operates and how to make one yourself. Much like the Instructables article on the top of our list, it gives you some hours vs. wattage calculations, so you can figure out how much time and effort you have to devote to your off-the-grid solar system network. Size up your costs, and figure out exactly what you need using this tutorial. This guide is medium-length and concise.

1. Goods Home Design – Complete Video Tutorial on Off Grid Solar Power

Giving a good blend of written and video tutorials, Goods Home Design has the most comprehensive, step-by-step guide online that we could really get behind. Not only will you learn how to craft and wire your own system, but you’ll feel like you became a master of solar energy by the end of this tutorial, ready to apply your knowledge in the world. You have 7 videos to go through with 50:00 of runtime between them.

It’s Up to Your Creativity

Depending on how creative you can get, there’s virtually no end to the different ideas you can implement to optimize your solar power grid. Following any of these five tutorials will get you to where you need to be: on the heels of energy independence.