What is the solar panel installation process?

What is the solar panel installation process?

PowerScout is an online marketplace where consumers shopping for solar panels can compare quotes from a curated list of high quality installers. PowerScout partners with local installers in your neighborhood who are certified on our rigorous 30-point checklist. At PowerScout, you can research whether your home is suited for solar, get connected to certified solar installers and switch to solar through one of the many $0 down financing programs available (for those who qualify).

Installers cover all aspects of the solar project —from the initial evaluation to design, financing, applying for rebates, securing permits, coordinating inspections and performing the installation. PowerScout enables a seamless transition from dirty utility power to clean solar energy, making it absolutely easy for our customers to get started on one of the best investments of their life.

1. Review Solar Quotes from a curated list of installers

Once you identify that your home is suitable for solar, you can request No Obligation Solar Quotes for your home from up to 4 PowerScout certified installers. You will be required to share your electric bill or monthly electricity consumption data to enable the preparation of these custom Solar Quotes. This electricity consumption information is required to size the solar system correctly so that it produces the same amount of electricity that you typically consume.

Some installers may need to inspect your roof prior to providing a firm quote. You can choose the installer that offers the best value and also choose from among the many $0 down financing options if you qualify. When installers compete, you get a great deal!

2. Permitting, Installation, and Inspections

The installer that you selected for the project handles the permitting that is required with your utility and county/city before they begin installation. Once all the required permits have been received, the installer will schedule a time with you for the installation. Most installations take 1-2 days and the installation crew will require access to your roof. Our installation partners will keep you updated every step of the permitting and installation process. Once the system has been installed, some utilities and townships may perform an inspection to approve that the system has been installed to safety and building code specifications.

3. Turning the System On and Start Saving

Once approval is received from the utility, the installation partner will schedule a time with you to turn the system on. If you’re ready to go solar and start saving big, try PowerScout’s Solar Calculator today and get connected to the best local certified solar installers!