Frequently Asked Questions

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels last a very long time - 25 years or more. There are many solar power systems that were installed in the 1980’s that are still operational and producing electricity, after 30 years. Solar panels have no moving parts and therefore there is very limited wear and tear.

Solar panels also require very little maintenance. The occasional rain is usually enough to remove the dust that has settled on the panels. Solar panels also retain their electricity generation potential with aging - they only lose about half a percent of their efficiency every year. This means that even after 20 years of operations, solar panels can still produce up to 95% of the electricity that they produced in their first year of operations.

Solar panels also come with many warranties and guarantees to give you complete peace of mind.

Product Warranty: Solar panels usually come a 10 to 25 year product warranty. If a panel fails due to a manufacturing defect during the warranty period, the panel manufacturer will either repair it or provide a replacement panel.

Performance Guarantee: Most manufacturers provide a 25 year performance guarantee. This guarantee protects homeowners when performance issues with the solar panels produce less electricity than expected. In such cases, the manufacturer may repair or supply additional solar panels to offset the shortfall in electricity production.

Workmanship Warranty: In addition, most installers provide a workmanship warranty for the overall solar power system, usually for 10 years. This warranty covers any defects resulting from improper installation of the equipment.

A solar power system has other components besides solar panels, namely inverters, racking system and electrical wiring. Inverters are long lasting and typically come with a product warranty of 10 to 25 years, depending upon the type of inverter.