We are on a mission to change the world.
Nothing will stop us!

At PowerScout, we have many strong views, but only one strong culture.
It is based on rock solid values. We live our values every day... we don't just hang them up on a fancy plaque.

Our biggest asset is exceptional talent.
Are you up to the challenge?

  • Customer First
    We put customer interests above everything and believe it is the only way to build a business.
  • Best Talent
    We only hire exceptional talent. Everybody else gets a warm referral to the competition.
  • Meritocracy
    We are a true meritocracy. Everybody gets rewarded based on their contribution.
Who we are
  • Team Spirit
    We believe in the super-human powers of a great team. Together we are unbeatable.
  • We Are Fun
    We work very hard and celebrate a tad bit harder.
  • No Bureaucracy
    We have zero patience for bureaucracy and politics. Life is too short to be wasted.

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Location: Oakland, CA

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