About Us

Our Mission

While technology has evolved leaps and bounds, most of us are living in homes stuck in the 20th century. Many consumers are unaware that homes can simply be upgraded to become SMART homes to improve their quality of life and comfort while increasing home value and saving money on their utility bills. Transparent information about smart home improvement projects is hard to come by and finding contractors you can trust to execute those projects is challenging.

That’s where PowerScout comes in. Our mission is to make every home a SMART home. At PowerScout, we’ve simply created a better way to make smart improvements to your home. From smart roofs, efficient windows, smart heating & cooling, modern security, solar energy to electric vehicle charging, consumers have an increasing array of smart projects they can pursue. PowerScout provides an instant report of smart home improvement projects suitable for your home and connects you with certified local contractors who are experienced in executing smart home projects, so that you can enjoy all the comforts and benefits of a modern SMART 21st century home.


Our Story

PowerScout was founded on the principle of leveraging leading data analytics and software technology to provide consumers a marketplace where they can identify suitable smart home improvement projects for their home and find the best contractors to execute them. The founders of PowerScout believe that homeowners can enjoy modern technology in their homes to improve their comfort and well-being while also reducing their monthly bills. It is truly a Win-Win that we want every homeowner to take advantage. 

Our Products

When using the PowerScout.com platform, homeowners can get transparent insights on their home’s potential for smart home improvement projects. With its network of experienced, certified smart home contractors, PowerScout makes it simple to make your home SMART. PowerScout will continue to roll out additional smart home options such as home battery storage, efficient heating & cooling, efficient windows, electric vehicle charging, and roofing. 

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Our Team

We are passionate about building a company that provides consumers an unparalleled experience. We have assembled a highly talented team with critical skills in data science, software and consumer technology to fulfill our mission.